We just finished a podcast talking about using misfit design thinking to help solve problems for leaders. Host is Scott McCarthy from Moving Leadership Forward. Podcast episode 203 was posted this morning at: https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/misfit-thinking-gord-bennett/ Alternate location is “Solve Problems with Misfit Thinking” at Peak Performance Leadership on Spotify.

The Beauty of Outliers

The beauty of outliers Have you ever used something far longer than intended or for a purpose it was not intended for?  Think of children and their bunny or blankie.  They never leave home without them.  These are examples of outliers.  Outliers are great sources for new ideas and insights. You might remember the bell …

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Identifying the Problem

Over the last few years, I’ve been invited to observe or participate in a lot of working groups to solve problems. Some were touted as design thinking working groups and others just ended up being meetings to discuss situations. One common area I found with many of the underperforming groups that I observed was that …

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