What We Do

We Help People Solve Problems

We offer training materials

Our book Misfit Design Thinking provides a low cost method to become familiar with problem solving techniques and creative thinking. We have included some free resources on this site to help you get started

We offer online training

We offer affordable online training via platforms such as Zoom.

We can provide an introduction to design thinking workshop for a half day or up to several days of online training. We generally recommend a maximum of 4 hours of online training at a time to aid with learning.

We do onsite training

Many of our design seminars or consulting work is done on site.

We structure our training so that staff and companies are not dependent on us but can go ahead and solve problems and generate great solutions on their own after their training.

Our goal is to educate about design thinking and creative problem solving. The more people that know how to do it independently, the better the world becomes.

We problem solve

We offer staff to assist organizations solve problems and provide a fresh perspective. We will help an organization solve problems through facilitation, mentoring, leadership, and team membership. We can also be given a problem to solve as an independent entity.